Small Business Marketing

Technical Tutoring for Individuals

Every small business needs experienced, knowledgeable, affordable marketing and technology support.

Today is your lucky day. Whether you need technical tutoring for your job or personal use or you need to learn how to enhance your business marketing, you've come to the right person. My experience in public communications; copy, creative, marketing, and technical writing; technical training both in one-on-one and large group settings; and marketing for small businesses provides me with a unique set of skills that often requires multiple individuals to perform the same work.


Technology is here to stay, and it truly can make your life easier and business more profitable if you learn how to use it correctly and effectively. The biggest obstacle for most people is looking at technology in its entirety, an approach that most likely makes your knees quake and that ol' fight or flight kick in. Chances are your instincts take flight. I will help you break down technology and marketing into pieces: what you want to know; what you need to know; and what you can forget about, at least for now.

I promote ovarian cancer awareness.